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We are a professional services company that provides advisory services (business, management and development advisory services), research & insights, and learning solutions. Our mission is to partner with and to capacitate our clients to solve complex problems.



Our consulting services comprise of business consulting and economic advisory services. Our aim is to help organisations to solve their biggest challenges and to realise their growth potential. We partner with our clients to give them access to our network of highly skilled professionals and we offer some of the following services:

We have combined our technology (learning platform), our content, our partnerships and our expertise to form Inspire Learning Solutions to achieve one of our goals of capacitating individuals and organizations with the skills to solve complex business problems. We do this through two distinct offerings:

Inspire Learning Platform

Client-specific solutions

We design custom learning content based on our client's specific needs and we deliver this content through our learning facilitators and we provide clients an opportunity to make this content available in their organisation through our learning platform. Clients also have the option of utilizing our platform to host content that they have developed themselves

We partner with leading learning providers internationally to bring our clients skills development and training in professional (core skills) and technical skills. We deliver these services through a blended learning model (face-to-face and online). Our goal is to provide a learning platform on which our clients can access business related learning content

Through our research and insights service-offering, we aim to contribute to knowledge and understanding of Africa's entrepreneurship, technology and innovation landscape. Our research is aimed at providing in-depth knowlege on that can enable our clients to navigate how to do business in Africa. We also do client-commissioned research and feasibility studies based on client-specific needs. Some of our offerings are as follows:

Our Team

We have in-house consultants and specialists as well as a network of professionals who are engaged on a project basis to deliver the highest quality services in an affordable way to our clients.

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Likeleli Monyamane

Director: Business & Management Advisory Services

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Mamoabi Kolobe

'Mamoabi Kolobe

Director: Research & Development Advisory Services

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Welcome to our resources page! This is where we share with you resources that we believe will be useful to your business. Here you will find templates for some common business documents, reports from our research and other publications


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